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Financial Literacy

There is value in money and power in saving it. That was the message John Calipari delivered in 2011, when he announced a program designed to foster financial literacy education across the Bluegrass State.

The Calipari Foundation, in partnership with local banks and Everfi, Inc., is teaching children across the state of Kentucky the importance of cultivating good financial habits that will stay with them throughout their lives — including the value of saving. Several elementary schools across the state have been equipped with Vault – Understanding MoneyTM, a new-media learning platform specifically designed to introduce financial literacy skills early in a child’s cognitive development.

The financial literacy course features interactive lessons, games, and story-based activities that challenge kids to make choices within real-life scenarios in order to achieve important goals related to saving, job planning and budgeting. The 2.5-hour curriculum is designed for students in 4th through 6th grade and aligns with both state and national standards.